Our Company
PT. Yutaka Manufacturing Indonesia is one of PT's joint venture companies. Astra Honda Motor and Yutaka Giken Japan engaged in manufacturing disc brake and muffler and located in MM2100 industrial city, Cikarang Barat, Bekasi.
Our Vision
To be a disc brake supplier for the best 2-wheeled vehicles and exhaust systems in the world.
Our Mission
- Become QCDSM supplier for Disc Brake 2-wheeled vehicles and the best exhaust system through good operating system and harmonious collaboration between Yutaka Giken &ASTRA Group.
- To be a well-managed company, through continuous development and product earnings based on Green Product, high-competence human resources, operational excellence, sound finance, and focus on customer satisfaction,
- Committed in structuring laws and regulations, especially to environmental sustainability, labor, safety and security.